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I believe that your current emotional distress is an opportunity of a lifetime. Meaning, your current hurt and confusion are opening a doorway for you to finally achieve your ideal relationships, improve your self-confidence, and to start living your life purpose full out. 

Unfortunately, society and your loved ones may not always understand this, and often expect you to have it all together. However, when you're speaking with me, you're welcome to come as you are. Tears, fears, and all. I mean this.

  • Are you struggling at work?

  • Feeling overwhelming emotions?

  • Experiencing difficult relationships?

I've been there too! As a heterosexual mxn (an inclusive term for male gender and sexual expression) who is ancestral, multiracial, and an Oakland native, I too have walked a path from emotional pain and confusion toward greater joy, confidence, and relational connection.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I use a 3-step proven process that includes mindfulness, cognitive-behavoral therapy, and somatic therapy to get you effective and lasting results. In addition, I use my compassionate and non-judgemental approach when helping individuals, couples, and families find solutions to your life problems.

In therapy, I can help guide you toward work that you love, healthier relationships, improved self-esteem, balanced emotions and more.

During a confidential therapy session we can explore your:

  • Emotions: anxiety, depression, anger, fear, shame, guilt, shock, sadness, loneliness, hopelessness.

  • Relationships: infidelity, betrayal, isolation, abandonment, abuse of all kinds, trauma, childhood wounds, poor boundaries, communication issues, couples conflicts, family problems, poor social support.

  • Thoughts: low self-worth/esteem, negative self-talk, suicidal ideation, mental confusion or fog.

  • Identity: race and multiracial concerns, sexuality questions, gender concerns, LGBTQ+, BDSM, kink, immigrant, financial and class dilemmas, political concerns, work stress.

  • Spirituality: difficult life transitions, unclear or missing life purpose, religious concerns, spiritual blocks.

As a friendly therapist, I use my relaxed yet accountable style to help adults, women, and men, achieve the following results: 

  • Emotions: hope, calm, joy, gentleness, safety, relaxation, humor, happiness, passion, levity, wonder, specialness, balanced emotions, forgiveness. 

  • Thoughts: safety, confidence, greater trust, work success, positive self-talk, mental clarity, clear decisions, swag, your authentic voice or leadership style. 

  • Relationships: better communication, self-love, love for others, self-acceptance, trust, improved boundaries, accountability, healthy and supportive relationships, and support systems. 

  • Spirituality: life goals, spiritual growth, knowledge of self, resilience, inner peace, clear and potent life purpose.

My overall style is urban-relational. Unlike stuffy, rigid, distant, or aloof therapists, I use urban communication and traditional psychological language to nurture a truly authentic healing experience.

Hours/Openings: I have limited number of openings for new clients on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, between 6-8pm. I expect to meet with my clients on a weekly basis for the best outcomes.

Fees: My current fees are very reasonable. $110/50-minute individual session. $120/50-minute couples and family sessions. I do not accept insurance or sliding-scale fees. I accept cash, check, and venmo only.

Let's talk! Call me at 510-320-3150 or use my contact form to schedule your short, free consultation. Please let me know who you are, why you are seeking therapy, and when are some of the best times to call you. I will call you during one of those times, or as soon as possible.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Take care. Jewel Love, MFT.



Jewel is a very thorough, supportive, and inspirational therapist. He is the kind of therapist you really need if you feel stuck or down. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a down-to-Earth, genuine, and caring therapist who will really support you through your emotional burdens and uplift you. I am truly grateful I found him!

―  Linda R. (Psy.D.)


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