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20% of adult women experienced childhood abuse.

10% of adult men experienced childhood abuse.

75% were abused by someone they knew well.


Have you tried speaking with your family and friends about your concerns, but they weren't able to help?

Are you feeling anxious, Angry, Hopeless, Lonely, or depressed inside?


That's where I come in. My name is Jewel Love MA, MFTI, and I am a professional therapist with over six years of experience. 

I have successfully treated many clients just like you.


As an adult who experienced childhood abandonment from my father, I know what it's like to suffer internally.  Because I've healed much of that pain through therapy, today I'm on a mission to heal others from this curable agony.


Once healed you will likely experience... 

Healthier relationships, work fulfillment, Creative Freedom, Hope and joy.


My availability to see new clients is limited... 

However, I have a few openings this week for new clients who are ready to change their lives.

If you don't act now


You risk losing your relationships, work, health, and possibly more.

Fortunately, healing is a destination, and I can help you get there.


Call me today at 510-320-3150


Jewel is a very thorough, supportive, and inspirational therapist. He is the kind of therapist you really need if you feel stuck or down. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a down-to-Earth, genuine, and caring therapist who will really support you through your emotional burdens and uplift you. I am truly grateful I found him!

―  Linda R. (Psy.D.)


Jewel is as supportive and insightful as they come. He asks the right questions that make you really think about your problems and reflect on how you can overcome them yourself. He's flexible and willing to adapt to different issues, and he always approaches with honesty. If you are looking for someone who will encourage you to be proactive about your issues, Jewel is a perfect fit.

― Amar J. (Accountant)